A division of Northwestern Medicine

May 17-19, 2017

Geneva, IL

This 3-day program is designed for individuals who are family or professional care-givers. It provides them instruction in the UZIT modalities that they can use on themselves to relieve and reduce burnout, as well as on family and friends. It is a preparation for the UZIT 12-day (over 4 months) intensive training. Once students have completed the training, they will receive additional resources and support through an electronic learning platform.

Each training day begins with a led yoga class which includes active and restorative poses, breath work and meditation. The rest of each day is filled with lectures and discussions in the modalities along with guided practice. Lectures and practice include training in the UZIT modalities and how to layer them to address the symptoms of PANIC™ for self-care:

YOGA THERAPY: In-chair and in-bed mindful movements, restorative yoga, breath awareness and guided body awareness meditation.

REIKI: Level 1 Reiki training for self-practice.

ESSENTIAL OILS: Training and practice three therapeutic-grade essential oils—lavender, lemon, peppermint—and information and resources for using other single oils and frankincense special blends. Participants will learn benefits and contraindications for each essential oil.

NUTRITION: Nutritional information as a form of self-care for UZITs.

CONTEMPLATIVE CARE: Training and practice in the ability to stay present, calm, and effective in the midst of suffering.

The UZIT program equips participants with the necessary tools to avoid the burnout that is rampant in care-giving communities, corporations and daily life. UZITs learn techniques of grounding, relaxation, and restoration in order to be present as they serve. As Roshi Joan Halifax says, “Healthcare without self-care is sick care.”