“The UZIT skills are a concrete set of actions which serve as a way to expand our awareness and increase the desire for right living. They are living principles that continuously teach us the more we utilize them. “


Q: How do you find balance in your daily life?

A: My relationship to this word shifts as I get older, I used to seek balance as a place that once found, I would work to hold and struggle to find again once lost. Currently however, I see balance in a broader context where a balanced day is one where I struggle less with myself. Where I catch myself sooner when I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole of harmful self talk, and when I can see myself through the eyes of the one who is observing, that practice affords me some space and a shift in reality and perspective.


Q: What motivates you? What is your mission?

A: Currently I am motivated by being engaged in mindful acts in my day meaning that I wish to bring all of me to an experience. When I remember this I experience a more hopeful existence, less limited by my ideal and thought patterns. My mission is ultimately self freedom. As I become less entrenched in my identification I’m more free to be me, and by freeing myself I’ll ultimately contribute to the freedom of others.


Q: Which modality are you more drawn to in the UZIT model?

A: It depends – it will shift depending on what I need at any given moment – when I feel a sense of inner tension building and I notice it coloring my interactions with others then I know I need a restorative practice. When my mind is causing me to suffer, I find a reiki session will give me a sense of peacefulness. The oils are my first aid, they’re the first thing I go to when I have an injury, a burn, an insect bite, or feeling some anxiety. In fact Essential Clove Oil placed over a tick bite will draw out pathogens from the surface of the skin, so I use it a lot in my work.


Q: In what population are you currently using your UZIT skills?

A: I’m not working as a nurse anymore. In the hospital I used to do full Urban Zen sessions with patients. Now as a nurse practitioner, I still utilize these skills but bring them in in various ways. I start my patient sessions with a body awareness meditation. As a medical provider I believe that my interventions will be more helpful if the patient can learn some of these simple techniques. I will reiki my office space in between patients and diffuse essential oils in the waiting room. These practices teach me that kind, compassionate, care is really the true medicine; by remembering that my patient is no different than myself; that we’re all fighting a great battle; this allows me to be with the patient in a more collaborative way; less hierarchical, which I see as one of the down falls of the western medical approach. This philosophy is entirely in line with the skills I learned from Urban Zen Integrative Therapy.


Q: Do you have a meditation practice?

Yes, certainly. Despite it being a mostly uneventful event, every day I sit. My practice is training in open awareness, with a scanning of body, thoughts and emotions. I believe it’s the most important tool we can use to to catch ourselves. When I catch myself in train of thought or pattern in meditation, that practice of coming back helps me to feel when I’ve gone off in a pattern in my daily life. I can then remember to choose kindness and redirect my actions. I don’t know if we can do that so well, or so clearly, if we’re not sitting.


Q: How do you UZIT?

A: Once I was walking down a street in Manhattan, it was night time, and I saw a crowd gathering. As I got closer I realized that there’d been a bike accident. I see a man on the ground, he’s bleeding from his head, and there’s a bit of a frenzy as people are waiting for help to come. Knowing that help was on its way, I then sensed that the best way I could help this young man, these people who were watching, even the medics who were on their way was to ground myself; to be really present in my body and to give reiki to the whole scene. By doing that I could remain clear in my thinking, in a scene that was obviously chaotic, and be available to serve if needed because I was grounded, clear headed; not caught up in emotions or the energy of what was happening. It was a powerful experience.


Q: How do you live the UZIT modalities in your day- to-day life?

A: The UZIT skills are a concrete set of actions which serve as a way to expand our awareness and increase the desire for right living. They are living principles that continuously teach us the more we utilize them. They continuously show their inner meanings as we continue to explore them.