This work is who I am, who I’ve always been, now I just have more structure around how to use these modalities and how to spread this work and this message.”


Q:  How do you find balance in your daily life?

A:   I try to make sure that I slow down or even make a full stop at times to make sure I’m not over doing. I take time for myself regularly. That might mean I go out and get a manicure or just having my morning cup of coffee alone at my kitchen counter. On a larger scale I go on retreats, like Colleen Saidman Yee’s women’s retreat, I visit ashrams, and I continue my education at advanced trainings. I take time to do these things specifically because they help me to disconnect, I get to leave my phone behind and just be in the present moment. It’s so important that I do this for myself, especially when my work means giving so much to others.


Q:  What motivates you? Your mission?

A:   My first experience walking into what I thought was a run of mill restorative class, was actually an Urban Zen class with Rodney and Colleen and I left bawling my eyes out. I just knew in that moment this was my path, I absolutely needed to do this work, it was inside of me, so my motivation is pure passion for this work…. Truthfully I was doing it before I even knew I was doing it, both of my kids have gone through massive surgeries and I was using these modalities during their recovery, it’s instinctual.


Q:  Which modality are you more drawn to in the UZIT model?

A:  Reiki and the use of oils really stand out to me, as these are the things that I utilize the most personally, as well as in my work where it’s often difficult for the population to physically move. Also, breath awareness has always been an important tool in my wheelhouse, it’s second nature for me to come back to my breath and observe it, and to guide others to do so as well.


Q:  In what population are you currently using your UZIT skills?

A:  At the St. James CareRite center I work with adults range anywhere from 50 to 100 years old. On a daily basis we encounter people experiencing all of the classic symptoms of illness, including pain, anxiety, nausea, insomnia, and constipation, PANIC as we call it in UZ, as well as exhaustion.


Q:  What is your meditation practice?

A:  Honestly, I go back and forth. I used to be dedicated to sitting for 20 minutes at a time but now I don’t get to formally meditate as often as I’d like. When I commute, which is quite often considering I travel from Delaware to New York to provide Urban Zen Integrative Therapy, 98% of the time its in total silence. It’s part of my self care to take some time in the quiet, to be peaceful, to be mindful about not rushing to or from anywhere.


Q:  How has your UZIT training changed your life?

A:  Wow, the UZIT training has impacted my life tremendously. I now commute to NY twice a month from Delaware so that I can do this work regularly. People think it’s crazy, but I can’t stand the thought of not doing this work, there’s absolutely no commute length that would deter me. In my personal life, my family has said I’m a completely different person since I’ve been through this training. They’ve said I’m more patient, that I’m kinder, and overall less stressed. My purpose has been amplified.


Q:  How do you UZIT?

A:  Not only do I formally work at CareRite, I also UZIT in my own community. I give it as a gift to my loved ones, to my neighbors, anyone who I think can be positively impacted by this work. This work is who I am, who I’ve always been, now I just have more structure around how to use these modalities and how to spread this work and this message.


Q:  How do you live the UZIT modalities in your day- to day life?

A:  I love this work, I feel so lucky to share it with the world and am so thrilled to be apart of this community, so so many of these modalities are ingrained in who I am and how I operate daily. I always have essential oils on me, I practice body awareness scans regularly and I’m always offering these modalities as suggestions to friends and family, even strangers!