“Because of getting involved with Urban Zen  I feel very blessed to be part of a wonderful community of kind, smart and caring people which have grown together over the years.”


Q: How do you find balance in your daily life?

A: I balance the huge amount of driving that I do with regular gentle yoga movement. I love that at the end of my long commute I get to teach yoga, and practice the UZIT modalities!


Q: What motivates you?  What is your mission?

A: The way I feel most useful to the UZIT movement is by offering my strongest skill set which is teaching. I know that once I’ve helped a nurse or another yoga teacher to understand and master the techniques offered in this amazing program, then that person can go on to touch the lives of so many others. It’s a beautiful ever increasing circle!


Q: Which modality are you more drawn to in the UZIT model?

A: It depends on what the needs are in any given situation. But, I love offering the oils, and of course, with yoga therapy being my deepest knowledge base, I enjoy sharing that.


Q: In what population are you currently using your UZIT skills?

A: My pod are offering 3 UZIT trainings in Los Angeles this year; two for the UCLA nurses , and one at a Yogaworks studio which is open to the general public. That keeps me pretty busy. Plus I teach 2 public UZ classes per week in LA.


Q: What is your meditation practice?

A: Aside from my regular seated practice, I find my other job, which is caring for horses to be very meditative.


Q: How has your UZIT training changed your life?

A: Because of getting involved with Urban Zen  I feel very blessed to be part of a wonderful community of kind, smart and caring people which have grown together over the years.


Q: How do you UZIT?  

A: First I listen to the verbal and nonverbal information that comes forth in sessions, classes, and life situations. Then I reach into my UZIT tools for a combination that will address the main presenting issues. Sometimes it can be a very short little session maybe not more than a few minutes of bearing witness, offering an oil and lifting up someone’s posture to encourage more optimism.  Sometimes we have the luxury of enough time to really sequence out some postures, and do full length body/ breath awareness meditations with hands on Reiki. I just work with what is possible.


Q: How do you live the UZIT modalities in your day- to-day life?

A: Well, when I’m home on my ranch, I wake up early to some conscious breath and in-bed stretching with my dogs. I try to be mindful of my dietary choices starting with my breakfast green tea and aiming for all the colors of the veggie rainbow through the day. My ranch days are mostly about feeding, mucking, grooming, training and exercising my 10 rescue ponies, plus other assorted birds and animals, so it’s pretty physical! I take meditation breaks with the horses who really get into it and are naturally very zen. Oh, and the horses also adore my essential oils, so I give them all so Therapy and Reiki sessions, and I get to see a lot of lovely yawning and releases … some of them have really seen a lot of trauma, so that is  very nice! And on my work days in LA , I get to drive around the city catching up with my lovely yoga students, and spending time teaching Urban Zen and therapeutic yoga. What could be finer?


Q: Anything else you’d care to share?

A: Well, my message to everyone is to please truly study and explore what exactly makes your heart sing. Really figure out what feels creative and joyful and the. pursue those things with unstoppable zeal.  Life is too short and too full of amazing potential to do otherwise! For myself it’s a combination of sharing the Urban Zen self care practices with receptive people, and being close to nature with my beloved animal family. These are the most satisfying medicine for my soul.