“[Urban Zen] has also helped me find balance in a very sustainable way. It taught me self-care practices that I do throughout the day, some without even thinking about them, it’s second nature.”


Q:  How do you find balance in your daily life?

A:   Well, it’s a process, I feel like my end points are always shifting so my mid point, my point of balance, is also always changing, which means I’m frequently checking in with myself. Sometimes when I’m at my edge, when I realize that my mind is really racing and that I need to stop and pause, I literally stop where I am, I feel my feet, I feel my back body, I remember my strong back and my soft front. And if it’s exhaustion that I’m feeling I go in a different direction, I’m constantly working with the PANIC symptoms for myself in order to find balance.


Q:  What motivates you? Your mission?

A:   Our natural tendency is towards balance and wellbeing and we all have this capacity already inside of us. So if being of service, offering compassion, and bearing witness, can honor not only my inherit capacity, but help someone else honor theirs, that is what motivates me. It’s about recognizing that we all have the tools, to show up, and to be of service in whatever role is needed, to strive towards balance and wellbeing.


Q:  Which modality are you more drawn to in the UZIT model?

A:  It’s situational truly, but what has been emerging for me is reiki, especially in my personal life. Over the last couple of years I’ve noticed that reiki is what has changed me, which is interesting because it is certainly not the modality I would have thought would when I first starting my training. It seems like such simple work but it is really quite profound.


Q:  In what population are you currently using your UZIT skills?

A:  This is something I really love about this work, that it’s accessible to everyone. I work in palliative care, with hospice residents, short term sub acute care patients, as well as a nursing home setting. Overall at CareRite the people I see tend to be older patients with many major diagnoses. This can be anything from oncology, to amputations, in general many people that tend to be bedridden or with otherwise limited mobility. And then of course I work with the staff, from attendings to nursing assistants and everyone in between, if they have a CareRite badge I’m happy to work with them. I also teach public Urban Zen group classes where the population really varies, as do my private clients, but it seems like everyone is recovering from something, everyone can benefit from this work.


Q:  What is your meditation practice?

A:  I believe that the work that I do in and of itself is meditative because I am genuinely focused on the single person I am working with at that moment. My formal seated practice has also grown so strongly because of this work, it’s like a circuit, one charges the other, and to be able to sit with myself and take that time to honor that feels truly luxurious.


Q:  How has your UZIT training changed your life?

A:  Its provided me with purpose and meaning in my work and I’m just so excited to do the work that I do. I used to start my days saying, “now I have to go to work” but now I’m able to say “I get to go to work.” Every day I’m excited to do what I do, I’m no longer living for the weekend like I did when I worked in corporate America. It has also helped me find balance in a very sustainable way. It taught me self-care practices that I do throughout the day, some without even thinking about them, it’s second nature.


Q:  How do you UZIT?

A:  I UZIT every minute of every day. Sometimes it’s with more thought and attention than others, but I always have my oils with me and I always have my breath. This work can be done anywhere, with anyone, even sitting on the subway I can use UZIT. I’m also still involved with the UZIT trainings, and its incredible to be able to connect back with the source, and I learn so much through the students, it’s a wonderful gift.


Q:  How do you live the UZIT modalities in your day- to day life?

A:  I go through phases with essential oils, right now I’m on a citrus kick, Young Living Orange is a great one. And the people at CareRite really love the oils! So many people knew about them but didn’t know about the uses and intentions behind them. Now they come back to me and bring what they’ve learned and show how they’ve used them and the students have become the teachers! It’s so incredible to see. One of the residents combined orange and frankincense, she was really onto something!


Q: Anything else you’d care to share?

A:  I have a background in teaching, in the past I have taught spin and aerobics. In general I’ve always loved movement and I think movement is so important for health and wellness. But it wasn’t until this training incorporating the yoga modality where we’re actually taught to SEE the people in front of you, and once I started truly seeing people I went down the rabbit hole. This work doesn’t have to be fancy to be powerful.