“If you think that the UZIT training could be for you — then it is! … You will grow personally and professionally, anyone who comes into contact with you will benefit, it is truly life changing.”

Q:  How do you find balance in your daily life?

A:  I start everyday using my oils. Essential oil therapy has made a huge positive impact in my life to maintain presence and balance throughout my day. Whether it’s stress, anxiety, or exhaustion, I know I can go to my oils and take a minute for myself.


Q:  What motivates you? Your mission?

A:  My motivation and mission has always been to help other people live their best lives. It brings me so much joy and excitement to be able to introduce people to the incredible modalities of Urban Zen and show them how to apply them into their daily lives. As an Art Therapist it is my belief that there are many creative outlets and methods to healing and I am grateful to have such a large toolbox of coping tools to share with the people I work with. Urban Zen has truly expanded what I am able to offer to my clients.


Q:  Which modality are you more drawn to in the UZIT model?

A:  Without a doubt, essential oil therapy. My go-tos right now are Frankincense for grounding and balance as well as Peppermint when I have more physical pain like headaches.


Q:  In what population are you currently using your UZIT skills?

A:  Primarily with the older adult population, at CareRite ranging from 60-107 years old. I also really enjoy providing Urban Zen sessions to our CareRite staff. It is great to see them able to relax and drop-in after a long day at work.


Q:  What is your meditation practice?

A:  I don’t have a formal meditation practice but I do have a breath awareness practice that I use on a daily basis and frequently throughout my day. I recently adopted a new practice that I learned from Colleen Saidman Yee, one of the Directors of the Yoga Therapy component of the UZIT program, about breathing in and saying to yourself “let” and then exhaling while saying “go”. Inhale let, exhale go. It’s really stuck with me.


Q:  How has your UZIT training changed your life?

A:  It has expanded my opportunity to help and reach others in so many different ways. Personally my self care practice has grown tremendously, as this training has given me the  tools to be more mindful in my daily life. I also love to share my knowledge and this has given me a platform to do so on a bigger scale.


Q:  How do you UZIT?

A:  It varies, some days I use all of the modalities and some days I don’t. But more often than not, I find myself at my desk using mindful movements, practicing reiki on myself, and know I can always come back to my breath. Especially when I have an oil to breathe in!


Q:  How do you live the UZIT modalities in your day- to day life?

A:  I live the UZIT modalities by teaching them to others, and continuing to use my teachings with my own self-care practice. The Urban Zen practice has taught me successful methods to remind myself to slow down when I begin to feel overwhelmed or overextended. Overall UZIT has opened my eyes to a new, better way of living.