October 25-28, 2010

San Diego, California

Under dancing palm trees and the warm embrace of California sunshine,
 a talented and diverse group of Urban Zen Integrative Therapists from across the country gathered for a single purpose, to show the leading medical minds of the world our unique brand of service. Empowered by our trainings with Urban Zen and impassioned by what we all see as critical service to society, this team worked seamlessly and harmoniously together. Attendees, speakers and the staff of TEDMED were literally and figuratively touched by our Seva, and all of us representing this revolution in healthcare were blissfully blessed to be there. – Kirtan Rasa Smith, Urban Zen Integrative Therapist

Here we’ve collected stories from our Integrative Therapists at TEDMED. Click on the quotes below to read their memories and their experiences at TEDMED.

“A true sanctuary for healing and wellness” Tracy Griffiths

“From a slow start, the word got around and it 
built to a steady flow, with lines during the breaks” John Rawlinson

“The most amazing transformation I see consistently with this work is that through the session the stress and worries that shroud them melts away, right before my eyes” Danny O’Brien

“Our guests entered with differing expectations. Some excited. Some curious. Others skeptical. Each left feeling lighter, cared for, restored” Mary-Beth Charno

“Here I was in the golden California sunshine at a gathering of brilliant minds, experiencing the vibrant energy generated by people discussing innovative and pioneering ideas in healthcare. Technology, Entertainment, Design. And yes …Healing.” Hillary Furlong